“Sustainable development involves the ability of a community, country, region or world to maintain or improve the present generations quality of life, while protecting the ability of future generations to enhance their quality of life.”

This is a definition of “Green” building. But to Oliver Builders, it’s simpler than that. We recognize that the Earth’s resources are limited, and that both conservation as well as innovation are necessary. To us, caring for our water, our air and our environment around us is the focus not only of our business, but our life as role models, parents and responsible caring citizens.


We are Certified Green Builders, knowledgeable and experienced in environmentally sound building practices and products. With our expertise, we can help the owner and design team weigh the pros and cons of many different types of materials and systems so the best choice can be made for each individual project.

Green building not only can support the health of your home but can also help keep project costs down.

  • We can help our clients with the largest recycling project most of them will ever undertake: the remodeling of their home. To revitalize an older home rather than to tear down and build new is in itself a major way to conserve resources.
  • Careful planning during development and construction helps reduce construction waste.
  • We use materials such as High Volume Fly Ash Concrete, low-VOC finishes and paints, high efficiency furnaces, and cellulose insulation. When possible we use materials that are either salvaged or recycled from our job sites or other re-use resources.
  • Our lumber comes from certified managed forests and we recycle our construction waste. • The way we build, with high quality materials and methods, reduces the frequency of repairs and replacements. This alone reduces waste of resources and costs over the long run.
  • Oliver Builders looks forward to working together with you, our client to figure out what your needs are and what is important to you. That way we can help determine what the best systems and materials are for your project, and achieve that in a way that works well for you and makes the least impact on our environment.