Below is a list of trusted colleagues recommended by Oliver Builders.  This includes a list of trusted Architects that we work with on a regular basis and a few structural engineers that we have successfully collaborated with.  In addition, there are a number of Landscape design Contractors, vendors, suppliers and some great resources for environmentally friendly recycling options.   This is a great starting point and if you have any questions or would like more detailed information please feel free to reach out.

Architect Recommendations

Buchanan Opalach Architects, Inc.

Principal: Bethany Opalach & Ed Buchannon

Phone: (510) 595-1844

Location: 580 2nd Street, Suite 275

Oakland, CA 94607

Eisenmann Architecture

Principal: Stacy Eisenmann

Phone: (510) 558-8442

Location: 853 Ramona Ave

Albany, CA 94706

Stromberg Architecture

Principal: Mathew Stromberg

Phone: (510) 255-4520

Location: 1821 Fifth st.

Berkeley, CA 94710

Gary Earl Parsons Architects

Principal: Gary Parsons

Phone: (510) 527-9272

Location: 814 Camelia St

Berkeley, CA 94710

Amato Architecture

Principle: Rebecca Amato

Phone: (510) 420-0210

Location: 1396 Park Ave

Emeryville, CA 94608

Studio G+S Architecture

Principal: Sunny Grewal

Phone: (510) 548-7448

Location: 2223 Fifth st

Berkeley, CA 94710

Patricia Motzkin Architecture

Principal: Patricia Motzkin

Phone: (510) 649-7708

Location: 2927 Newbury Street

Berkeley, CA 94703

Larson Shores Architects

Principal: Carrie Shores & Joshua Larson

Phone: (510) 444-9788

Location: 1940 Union St #22

Oakland, CA 94607

Samaha + Hart Architecture

principal: Bassel Samaha

Phone: (415) 399-8700

Location: 442 Post st

San Francisco, CA 94102

Norman Sanchez Architecture

Principal: Norman Sanchez

Phone: (510) 522-1100

Location: 1823 Clement Ave

Alameda, CA 94501

Scott McGlashan Architecture

Principal: Scott McGlashan

Phone: (510) 549-2102

Location: 1451 Blake st

Berkeley, CA 94702

Rangr Studio

principal: Jasmit Rangr

Phone: (917)554-4319

Location: 1234 Grizzly pk

Berkeley, CA 94708

Fischer Architecture

Principal: Kerstin Fischer

Phone: 510-204-9250

Location: 2984 San Pablo Ave

Berkeley, CA 94702

Tierney Conner Design Studio

Principal: Ann Tipp Tierney

Phone: (510) 531- 0540

Location: 3977 Rhoda Avenue

Oakland, CA 94602

Morgan Smith Architecture

Principal: Morgan Smith

Phone: (510) 841-6100

Location: 929 Grayson st

Berkeley, CA 94710

Sidell Pakravan Architects, Incorporated

Principal: Kristen Sidell

Phone: (510) 984-0904

Location: 2445 Sixth st

Berkeley, CA 94710

studio skaggs kennedy

Principal: Sean Patrick-Kennedy

Phone: (415)235-9205

Location: 2315 Prince st

Berkeley, CA 94705

Sterry Architecture

Pricipal: Cindy Sterry

Phone: (510)835-5425

Location: 1916 Asilomar dr.

Oakland, CA 94611

Engineer Recommendations

Bay Area Structural

Principal: David Benaroya Helfant

Phone: (510) 547-8250

Location: 1185 Ocean Avenue

Oakland, CA 94608

iAssociates, Inc.

Structural Engineer: David Inlow

Phone: (510) 337-0263

Location: 1314 Fountain Street

Alameda, CA 94501

KPW Structural Engineers, Inc.

Engineer: Kevin D Treat

Phone: (510) 208-3300

Location: 55 Harrison Street

Oakland, CA 94607

Moran Engineering, Inc.

Registered Civil Engineer: Everett S. Moran

Phone: (510) 848-1930

Location: 1930 Shattuck Avenue Suite A

Berkeley, CA 94704

JYASF Engineering

Principal: John Yadagar

Phone: (415) 243-0858

Location: 1 Kaiser Plaza, Suite 405

Oakland, CA 94612

ZFA Structural

Principal: Sean Westbrook

Phone: 415-243-4091

Location: 601 Montgomery St.

San Francisco, CA 94111

Garcia Structural Design

Principal: Erik Garcia

Phone: 510-871-5640

Location: 4096 Piedmont Ave, suite 279

Oakland, CA 94611


Principal: David Yadagar

Phone: 415-754-3644

Location: 2118 Essex st

Berkeley, CA 94705

Mosswood engineering

Principal: Nate Williams

Phone: (415) 839-1022

Location: 3360 Adeline st

Berkeley, CA 94703

Verdant Structural Engineers

Principal: Kevin Donahue

Phone: (510) 528-5394

Location: 1101 8th st

Berkeley, CA 94710

Landscaping Contractors

Mullen Designs

Principal: Nina Mullen

Phone: (510) 292-6514

Location: 3106 Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94705

Four Dimensions Landscape Company

Principal: Michael Thilgen

Phone: (510) 893-1999

Location: 2928 Poplar Street

Oakland, CA 94608

Cruikshank Landscaping

Principal: Robert S. Cruikshank

Phone: (510) 486-8282

Location: Berkeley

Recycling Reuse

Aaron Metals Company

Scrap Metal Recycling

Location: Oakland

Action Metal Recycling

Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling

Location: Richmond

Alameda County Industries

Solid Waste, Green Recycling

Location: Alameda

Alco Metal & Iron Co.

Metal, Glass, Plastic Recycling

Location: San Leandro

Alliance Recycling, Inc.

Paper, Plastic Glass Recycling

Location: Oakland

Berkeley Recycling Company

Assorted Recycling

Location: Berkeley

Cartridge World - Berkeley

Printer Consumables Recycling

Location: Berkeley

Green Waste Recycle Yard

Green Waste into Lumber, Mulch, Flooring, Biomass

Location: Berkeley

MBA Polymers, Inc.

Recycling Engineering Plastics

Location: Richmond

Recology East Bay

Food/Green Waste Collection, Debris Recycling

Location: Oakland

Shred Works, Inc.

Paper Recycling

Location: Oakland

Sims Metal Management

Metals, Plastic, Battery Recycling

Location: Richmond

Standard Metal & Iron Co, Inc.

Alum, Glass Plastic Redemption Ctr

Location: Oakland

Strategic Materials

Plastic Glass Collection & Recycling

Location: San Leandro

The Reuse People

Demolition Reuse Bldng Materials

Location: Oakland

Urban Ore

Bldng Materials & General Reuse

Location: Berkeley

Green Information

Building Green

Green Building Video Resource

Earth Friendly Moving

Natural Resources Defense Council

U.S. DOE Building America

California Energy Commission

Green Home Guide

Green Communities

Eco Home Resource

Tile and Glass

Ann Sacks

Phone: (415) 252-5889

Location: San Francisco


Phone: (415) 454-8610

Location: San Rafael

Heath Ceramics

Phone: (415) 361-5552

Location: San Francisco

Import Tile

Phone: (510) 843-5959

Location: Berkeley


Phone: (510) 547-1872

Location: Emeryville

The Tile Shop

Phone: (510) 525-4312

Location: Berkeley


AirportHome Appliance

Phone: (510) 549-0800

Location: Emeryville

Friedman Appliances

Principal: Kevin Kirby

Phone: (925) 602-1360

Location: Pleasant Hill

Galvin Appliances

Phone: (510) 527-2244

Location: 619 San Pablo Avenue

Albany, CA 94706