Homeowner Spotlight

"Having access to an app like Buildertrend has really enhanced the experience." Hear more what Heather Wolf, Oliver Builders customer, has to say about her home addition and remodeling experience with Oliver Builders and Buildertrend.

House demolition

In preparation for building a new house, this is the existing house coming down

1/2 House lift in Albany

In preparation for building an ADU under an existing house we had to cut a split level home in Albany in half and lift the front half of the house to align with the back half of the house. Once the two sections of the house are re-connected we will lift the entire house together to the correct height to be able to build the ADU below.

Albany house lift part 2

now that we have cut the house in half and converted it from a split-level home to a single level home we are lifting the entire house another 4 feet in order to create enough space to build an ADU below the main level

Concrete foundation for Kensington addition

This is just a clean and simple foundation with retaining walls for an addition we did in Kensington.

Albany metal railing install 2nd floor

This is a video of the installation of a powder-coated metal railing system on the 2nd floor of an Albany home that we just completed. There were 5 of these railings and the stucco had just been completed so we brought in a crane to help install these railings very carefully!

Artwork Installation

Installation of a very heavy piece of custom artwork.